Subway Salons: February/March 2014


In February and March, 2014, the Free University NYC hosted three “Subway Salons” in the West 4th Street subway station on the topic “How can we free public transportation?”

Questions we asked NYC subway passengers waiting on the platform were, among others:

  • How much of your fare goes to service loans from big banks?
  • How are people organizing against the next fare hike?
  • How can we support transit workers?
  • What would a fare hike mean for you?
  • How does transportation justice intersect with education, housing, homelessness, and healthcare justice?
  • What can we learn from transportation actions going on around the world?

The hybrid participation including people who came to the subway station particularly for the Salon and riders on their way somewhere alternated between discussion, public writing (big and visible), and public drawing (big and visible).

Check out a Prezi of the people’s responses!
For photos of the events, click here.