Statement of Intention

We enter the space of the Free University with a commitment to:

  • Mutual respect and support
  • Anti-oppression
  • Nonviolence towards each other
  • Direct democracy


  1. support the empowerment of each person to challenge the histories and structures of oppression that marginalize some, and divide us all. These may include ableism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, racism, religious discrimination, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, among others.
  2. commit to learning about these different forms of oppression.
  3. understand individual freedoms are not above our collective safety, well-being, and ability to function cooperatively; individual freedom without responsibility to the community is not the Free University way.
  4. seek open and compassionate classrooms.
  5. encourage open and non-oppressive discussion.
  6. strive for accessible interchanges of languages, knowledge, and discussions.
  7. understand there are differences among us.
  8. respect, appreciate, and are aware of these differences.
  9. expect to listen and be listened to.
  10. are confident we can learn without policing or being policed.

Deliberate disruptions, accusations, violence, or other violations of this code are not within the spirit nor the hopes of the Free University.

The CARE (Comfort/Art/Rest/Energy) Station is a dedicated area in the park where people can go to chill out, eat food, meditate, make art and music, design signs and banners, tell and write stories, do yoga, dance, take a break or a nap, play, or do whatever else their bodies and minds need throughout the week. The CARE Station is a space to have conversations about what’s happening at the Free University and how we envision it for the rest of the week and beyond. It’s also a space to find peace and quiet. Conversations and concerns about racial and gender justice and discussions of oppression, experience, allyship, and feminist and anti-racist movement-building will be put front and center. We will start each day with a short, facilitated, dynamic community intention visioning session, continue these conversations throughout the day, and end each day with a debrief. Visions and concerns that arise during the debrief or anytime during the day will be put on the agenda at the evening GA each night. While childcare will not be provided, children are welcome at the CARE Station.