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May Day 2013 – Coverage

Pre-May Day Coverage (2013)

Free University at #Global Noise, Oct. 13, 2012

Free University Week, Sept. 18-22, 2012

Free University in Solidarity with the Quebec Student Strike, May 22, 2012

May Day press coverage compiled by Occupy CUNY News.

May Day 2012 – Coverage

Pre- May Day Coverage (2012)

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  1. Álvaro Guzmán Bastida

    My name is Álvaro Guzmán and I’m a Spanish journalist doing a Master’s a the Columbia School of Journalism.

    I’m currently working on a story about student debt and how it kills many people’s dreams and vocations, and even diminishes their freedom.

    I’m looking for students to profile. People who either just graduated (or are about to) or have been out of school for a while and who find themselves in that situation of debt burden. I’m most interested in idealistic people who went to school to do something with social or artistic value and now are struggling to fulfill their dreams because of debt.

    For the type of long-form narrative story that I am trying to do, I will need to spend sons time with the people I end up profiling, as I am interested in their personal stories and how debt affects them. Therefore, it would be great to have someone who currently lives in or around New York City.

    If you think you can help me find people to profile, please email me:

    Many thanks and kind regards,

    Álvaro Guzmán Bastida