Horizontal Art and Action: October 11, 2014

*Horizontal Art and Action* Free University
Saturday, October 11
Campos Plaza, Lower East Side, NYC

*Horizontal Art and Action* Free University welcomed workshops, teach-ins, dialogues, and performances by artists and community activists to learn and share power together, as part of the Art in Odd Places Festival. In the wake of losing 5 Pointz, Brecht Forum, and the City College Morales/Shakur Center, and also seeing public art become the frontlines of gentrification, we need art and actions that envision creative social change while practicing it.

Themes: Art/mural skills-share. Tenants, workplace, & youth organizing. Radical art history 101. Street journalism. Visualizing solidarity (Ferguson, Gaza, climate justice..). Creative direct action training. Walking tours. Horizontal community justice. Spoken word & theater. DIY pamphlet design. Guerrilla media/copwatch. Peaceful parenting.

Check out the Facebook event, and photos.