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Free University Meeting Minutes, April 7th, 2013

Introductions: we had a diverse group this week!

New School
CUNY Grad Center
All in the Red
Alternative Banking
Free Cooper Union

Announcemnts: Continue reading

Free University Tool Kit; First Draft

If you read the last meeting minutes, you may know that we are pulling together a first draft of our Free University Tool Kit. This will be compiled of material already collaboratively written by the community about Free Education. There are a couple of sections that can be collectively answered here and now, too!!


Please reply to with answers to these questions below. They can be one word or lengthier, but as we hope to include as much of your answers as possible, please keep it brief. In fact, short sentences and phrases (even one word) is preferable: Continue reading

Meeting Minutes 3/9/2013

Free University Meeting 3/9/2013

Last FreeU meeting report:
talked about the website (i.e. updates as opposed to the blog), came up with poll to propose a Free University structure (as multiple small Free Universities on May Day) which received positive response, discussed structure of call for Free University Continue reading