Sun, M5 – Women’s Strikes: Past, Present, and Future


Women’s Strikes: Past, Present, and Future
Sunday, March 5, 6-8PM
Mayday Space, 176 St. Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn
On the weekend before the March 8 International Women’s Strike—“A Day Without a Woman”—we invite people to Mayday Space to reflect upon past histories of women’s strikes in order to learn from their breakthroughs and challenges as we prepare for our own. Please check out some brief readings in advance (*coming soon*). During the event, we will feature a few short presentations on international examples of women’s strikes, followed by a group dialogue, and ample time to make signs afterwards. With this interactive event, we’ll get ready for the March 8 strike, as we prepare for what comes next for NYC and global women’s liberation work.

Questions to consider:
– How do racism, transmisogyny and immigration policies—now escalating under Trump—inform the characteristics of a women’s strike?
– How does centering women’s leadership and concerns shape movement work?
– What roles can allies and accomplices play leading up to, during, and after a women’s strike?
– How do we fill our strike with the knowledge/message of all that has been won through struggle and strikes? Signs? Songs? Street theater? Flyers? Casual conversation?

Suggested readings:
(Coming soon)

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