Dec 13: “Care Down the Walls: Education, Health, & Housing beyond Prisons” Free University

“Care Down the Walls:
Education, Health, & Housing beyond Prisons”
Free University

Sunday, December 13
Sixth Street Community Center
638 E Sixth Street (between Avenues B & C)

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We need to strengthen bridges between CARE and PRISON ABOLITION. This is a call for workshops by care workers and prison abolitionists to share our experiences, analyses, and strategies.

The emotional care that upholds our work in education, health, and housing is often unrecognized, or not directly tied to ending the prison industrial complex. Meanwhile, ​the call to abolish prisons at times ignores the role of healthcare workers, educators, and community groups to create alternatives beyond abolition.

At this event, we will discuss how to care for each other at risk of eviction, illness, and incarceration. We will also share resources to support the imprisoned and just released.

Anticipated themes:
– Radical healthcare, past and present.
– Defense / offense of legal aid.
– Housing strategies from Brooklyn to the Bronx.
– Cop-Watch, know your rights, de-arrests.
– Learning love and liberation in the classroom.
– What comes after we shut down Rikers Island?
– Media inside and outside prison walls and care stations.
– Strike for something: turning economic demands into social change.
– Social Reproduction 101: wages for housework, revolutionary feminisms.
– Police & prison abolition histories: Black Panthers, Young Lords, Attica, Pelican Bay, National Immigrant Youth Alliance organizing inside detention centers…

Share your upcoming actions, meetings, reading lists, zines, jail solidarities, support for the recently released with We will compile this info in a pamphlet for the event.
@FreeUnivNYC #CareDownWalls


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