One Day til May Day!

Here’s how you can help make it magical…

1. Spread the word today about the May Day Cooper Union and SUNY Stonybrook Free U schedules, 3pm NYC Education Convergence, and 9pm Dance Party:

2. Help Occupy the Twittersphere about why and how our universities and communities should be freed. See OpenCUNY’s project here:

3. Bring some birthday cake (or other desserts), plates, forks, and napkins to Cooper Union and Stonybrook to celebrate Free University’s 1-year birthday!

4. Connect with friends, lovers, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow travelers to prepare today for a full day tomorrow of direct democracy and people power. That includes a good night’s sleep and goodies/liquids packed for all day. See more valuable details here:

5. Receive (minimal) updates/announcement on May Day education activities by joining this celly loop. Text @studentblocnyc to 23559

See you in the parks and on the streets!
with LOVE LOVE LOVE because we’re WORTH IT,

-Free University of NYC

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